Can design help you learn better? Yes, it can!

Do you think design is just a surface and a self-expression means? We think, design can do more. Let’s see how.

What’s new in this version?

The most important things that differentiate Tutor from other language learning tools are the variety of teaching methods, their dynamics and ability to adjust for you as an individual. For each of you we have tailored a specific learning path based on your previous learning experience. We have found out, though, that this characteristics doesn’t catch your eye from the first sight. That’s why we decided to make it bold, color-and meaningful!

From now on you will see four colors during the lesson. The yellow color will teach you new words. With green you will practice your senses of sight and hearing by learning these new words. The blue will help you improve your spelling and typing skills. And in the end, purple will be the color of how to use the new words in the practice.

If you pay attention, you will note, that the exercises are becoming more difficult as you go from green to purple.

Train and see how helpful (or even not) the colors are.

As a next change, we’ve given the training a chat experience. You’ll agree that chat is the most natural way for you (and for everybody) to communicate and get information. That’s why we decided to keep this comfortable and natural environment in the way of your language acquisition.

What to expect?

We want to make the Tutor an ultimate tool so you can improve with it all your skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking. On this way, grammar teaching is the next step we are going to take. Hence, in the next version of Tutor there will be different grammar exercises.

Also we will send you learning tips and suggestions which will improve your weak points.

I am going to stop at this point now.

As always, learn with Tutor, write me your thoughts and proposals, ask me whatever questions bother you and cheer!




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