Add Your School To School Finder. Edit The Existing Page (Guide)

Dear all,

School Finder has some great news!

Now you can add your school to our platform and edit the information which already exists.

Below are the necessary steps!

Search for your language school.

Claim the ownership of your school.

Login via the facebook page of your school.

Get the verification email.

Edit the description of your school.

Upload the cover image of your school page.

Edit the information about your school.

Add courses or edit the information about the existing ones.

Add/edit events organized by your school.

Update the gallery (upload new images).

After you finish the editing process, do not forget to submit all the changes.

Contact our team with just one click.

If you are concerned about getting more students and having the highest rating, then check out how you can optimize your language school page and make it a really outstanding one.

We wish you a good luck in adding your school and in editing process and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get up to date information about innovations on Tutor.


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