New Feature: Attendance Marking

Hi! Let’s start the new week with some new features to make the process of using LMS more enjoyable.

Attendance marking and submitted data edition 
Marking an attendance is one of the main functions in LMS. So we try to make it more efficient and user-friendly for teachers and school managers. We are happy to announce that in this release the section of “Attendance” contains basic functions which a school needs: marking absence/presence, adding notes on a student, setting lesson duration etc.  To try this function You have to log in using your username and password (if you are a teacher and don’t remember your login details, turn to your school manager to recover or reset it). Now, when you are already signed in, go to the Left sidebar of the platform and click Groups section and open the group you want to mark attendance for.
Your group’s details page looks like this:

On the top right corner, you can find an “Attendance” button. Click this button to see students’ list and mark the attendance of the Group.

Hover on the date you want to mark an attendance for (you can add an attendance for the current and past date but not for the future one). A tooltip will appear with opportunities to Cancel the Lesson, Mark an Attendance and Delete the Attendance.

Dialog with different checkboxes will open when you click Mark Attendance:

  • click the pen next to student’s name to leave a note for the current date
  • tick an attendance checkbox if the student is present/untick when he/she is absent.
  • tick an excused  when the student warned about his/her absence,
  • tick a trial box when the student is present and it is his/her trial lesson

Don’t forget to check the lesson’s duration here: 

Nobody is guaranteed mistakes, so you can edit attendance info by clicking the same date and change the ticks. If you need to delete the whole attendance for the date choose 🗑 Delete  button from the tooltip appearing when hovering a date.


Keep marking an attendance using Tutorbot LMS and enjoy the process!


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