Teaching Management goes to the next level: Tutor LMS 4.0.0

Teaching always goes along with management and administration, but we know that it is still your highest priority. That is why we never keep calm to spare your time so that you can accomplish your main mission.
Find out what we have been doing all this time in our latest release. Here we have some news on the following functionalities

Managing teachers’ salaries
New role for HR Managers
Labels, notes and statuses in CRM

It is not always that there is a fixed agreement on salary payment. Besides paying per hour and per session, sometimes you need to pay for the whole course. So now there is a new feature designed for managers or group managers. You can go to group settings, choose teacher salary and fix “per course” payment method and also the sum of money. After that, all the countings will be done based on “per course” method.

Training Centers usually tend to organize corporate trainings as well. During these processes, there is always a need to exchange and work on several documents. So now let HR managers monitor attendance, group performance and financial countings 24/7. You wonder how? That’s simple as can be; there is a new role in LMS for HR managers. Just create accounts for them and let them rock that stage!

Customer relationship management requires a certain sequence of steps. As a result a potential customer follows up or cancels his/her request. To manage these processes you can now add notes and statuses on the requests. What is more, you can leave these statuses and labels on a customer’s profile as well.  For example
Label: interested in project management
Note: Asked to call him in autumn.
You see pretty much has been done so far.

P.s. When managing your groups you always work with various students’ lists. Now you can add a student to one of your groups, thus easing the working process.
Hope you will perfectly benefit our hard work and see you next time!


Group details page v2
School Timetable
HR Access
Attendance Improvements v2


As a CSR I want to add labels to requests and contacts
As a Request Manager, I want to add notes to contacts


New salary option: per course
Create statuses for requests
Split Requests into Contacts and Requests
Add a student to the group from the student list


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