Hiring-“Community Manager”

Do you love working with young people? Are you interested in business, IT or self-development trainings? I am writing this text to find you. I am from Tutor and here we all have one thing in common: we are ed-tech lovers and we work for a positive change. Now we are looking for an enthusiastic person who will be responsible to work with a number of training centers and people who are interested in participating in various trainings. This is a long term, contract-based job and the ideal candidate should be responsible for meeting deadlines and daily devoting a certain amount of time to this job.

  • Develop a community of people who are interested in various training programs and events happening in Armenia.
  • Work with this community, understand the needs of each member of it.
  • Collaborate with training centers in order to guide the members of your community.
  • Work with the team of community managers to develop better strategies for maintaining the communities.
  • To have a bachelor’s degree in communications, BA or a relevant field.
  • To be an active person who is enthusiastic about education.
  • To love working with people.
  • To have a strong command of English and negotiation skills.

You will become a part of a hard-working team where a number of individuals found each other to bring essential changes to the world of education. You will enjoy collaborating with them and being a part of our mission.

Could you find yourself here? I am looking forward to finding your CV in the inbox of the following email “career@tutorbot.io”. Hope we’ll meet soon.


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