LMS Release 5.3.0

Release notes


  • [LMS-784] – As CSR I want to export request as PDF
  • [LMS-807] – As a Student I want to see all public courses from the partner in web
  • [LMS-832] – As a School Manager I want to export Student profile as PDF
  • [LMS-838] – As a CSR I want to mark form as finished
  • [LMS-857] – As a CSR I want to assign Request to someone


  • [LMS-696] – Announce in LMS / filter LMS login articles by LMS/Edu/platform categories
  • [LMS-835] – Have a option to disable/enable profile photo upload
  • [LMS-864] – Add filter by Course to group list


  • [LMS-822] – Input fields overlaps with the keyboard on request form using mobile
  • [LMS-824] – Issues on Request for using mobile
  • [LMS-840] – Cannot update email address and username on member from member edit form
  • [LMS-842] – Admin members filter does not filter by partner properly
  • [LMS-850] – Cannot create member from admin
  • [LMS-861] – Cannot download student report


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