LMS Release 5.6.1

# April 11 – 26 / 2020

We have finalised UI framework upgrade!


  • Upgrade ant design to 4.0.0
  • Default to Select Student in group add student
  • Rename /virtual-classroom section to /applications
  • Update app.tutor-platform.com <title> tag to Tutor Platform
  • Modify Google Functions to fail Course Finder requests if data is not valid
  • Zoom Flow improvements
  • Leave a note when stopping the student
  • Cannot translate dashboards
  • Make texts translatable
  • Show Add teacher button or link if no teacher assigned to the group
  • Update all dropdowns to match ant.design 4 style
  • List the News by date
  • Show partner name and subject next to notification templates when logged in as admin
  • Show edited student’s name

Bug fixes

  • 2 save buttons exist in Contact Config
  • Pagination sends double requests
  • Student fees edit form has issues
  • Fails to edit recent groups on dashboard from menu
  • Loader is too close to button border and button text
  • Not possible to download Test Result
  • Label is not save during the request/contact creation
  • TypeError: o is not a function (news-ic er)
  • Failing to open Request form
  • Users don’t get Reminder 15 m before the lession start
  • Closed Request Form message is in Armenian
  • Zoom does not work with paid accounts
  • Some data is missing on Student’s profile
  • Error messages on Templates & no preview
  • Active material becomes inactive after refresh
  • Long text is cut on Student/Contact profile
  • Can’t add to group from contacts
  • Attendance isn’t saved in vertical …
  • Consecutive updates in members show first member until refresh
  • Group manager’s role can’t be saved in the Group
  • Modals keep loading after creation
  • Failed to filter templates by Name
  • Settings page breaks
  • Error when entering a value on Filters
  • Chat section crashes in School-> Messages after scrolling
  • Can’t clone group
  • Unable to create an account on LMS

Stay tuned & Happy Teaching!


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