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Going online will increase your efficiency

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Everything is suspended which affects lots of businesses. Some can clearly and smoothly switch to digital tools and preserve almost 80% of offline teaching experience. How about + 40% more

Running a startup event? Pretty popular these days

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How is startup event different from any other? There are investors wondering in for great minds! Your goal as event organiser is to help those meet. How you could do

Manage Conferences Trainings Gatherings

Facebook, google forms, google sheets and emails. How would one alternatively organise events? The usual flow of conference or training organisation announce register organise communicate your agenda let attendees represent

Enhanced content. Adjustable notifications. Edu 4.1.0/4.2.0

Last week was productive and we managed to do quite a lot. Here is what we did. We improved the training logic and made the app function in a better

How-to setup Liveboard

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Where to get API key Key will be provided by Liveboard team.


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Why Liveboard is a great tool when you teach math or other k-12 subjects which require whiteboard. The tool gives you real classroom experience and can even be used in

How does Virtual Classroom work

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Coming soon…

Tips for starters in medicine

The first few weeks at medical school are bewildering. You can find yourself thinking that you are in the wrong place or that you don’t belong here, but the very

Smart resource management: Tutor LMS 4.3.0

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From now on, schools can facilitate their venue and teacher capacity in a better way. Let's see how. Set a venue for a groupAs a school or group manager you

Easier way to facilitate student requests: Tutor LMS 4.2.0

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Another week has passed, and we are here to introduce you what we've done so far. The whole week was dedicated to creating and improving the school monitoring, CRM and