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EDU 3.4.5

  31.10.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

We started working on new test engine, one can design placement, exit, level assessment tests now! Also improved exercises in vocabulary trainer, lot of small changes, see details below: Stories

EDU 3.4.4

  15.10.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

We overhauled dashboard for you and developed tool to evaluate vocabulary gaps from open text. Some improvements on statistics and bug fixing. Epics Rework Dashboard Vocabulary gap analysis (v1) Stories

LMS 3.4.3

  30.09.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

In this release we have got notification center where one can define different notifications based on system events, first version of teacher salary in Finances, more flexible student fee calculation

Version 0.2.0

Epics Basic Search Request to join Recommendations School Analytics Rating Schools Import Data Search v2 Request Management Stories As a schools administrator I want access to manage my school data

LMS 3.4.2

  14.09.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

We introduced basic enrolment tool – “Request Management”,  better user management, some updates to vocabulary trainer UI and other small changes. Epics Request Management Stories As a Student, I want

LMS 3.4.1

  7.09.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

A tiny bug fix release mostly about group management and finances. Task Removing user from group does not delete attendance and probably also balance records (fees) Add a filter by

EDU 3.4.0

  31.08.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Attempt to prepare content for Learnship for trial, brought some BI for schools on board, added basic Expense Management to Finances, notifications to groups, improvements to vocabulary trainer and to

LMS 3.3.2

  27.07.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

We started bringing new features on schools customer development issues. Group Management v1 is finalised and we managed improvements on collecing feedback. We have improved training experience, LMS finances. See

Version 3.3.1

  29.06.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

We have deployed option collect feedback from mobile about the content, scheduled teacher reports on attendance and vocabulary training performance, improved content and revisited vocabulary teaching algorithm. Started working on

Version 3.3.0

  1.06.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

Happy to announce new release 3.3.0 where teachers can provide attendance, add notes, set notes on student level, see reports. Lots of small fixes on vocabulary trainer and on the