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LMS Release 5.5.

Release notes   Story  As a CSR I want to filter requests on Request Board As a CRM manager I want to send notification/announcement for the special filtered group of

LMS Release 5.4.3

Task Switch attendance to % in all charts and reprocess for last 6 months Hide student Vacation section for COAF. No need for the section Prepare design for CRM board

LMS Release 5.4.2

Release notes   Story As a Member I want to receive email when an account created Task In COAF mobile app read user name from student instead of user Merge

LMS Release 5.4.1

Release notes   Task Disable Finance section for COAF When generating QR take domain from partner settings News section fix (checkboxes for writer & log details) Fix contact list style

LMS Release 5.4.0

Release notes Story  As a * I want to add notes on students  As a School Manager I want to enable/disable course  As a School Manager I want to set

LMS Release 5.3.3

Story As a student I wan to reset my password from mobile (via email)  As a School Manager I want to somehow see that the student is already created from

LMS Release 5.3.2

Release notes Story As a School Manager I want to enable School level Checkin from LMS As a School Manager I want to checkin student via mobile phone As a

LMS Release 5.3.1

Epic [LMS-573] – CRM v4 Story [LMS-785] – As a candidate I want to upload my photo via request form [LMS-812] – As a Student I want to be automatically

LMS Release 5.3.0

Story As CSR I want to export request as PDF As a Student I want to see all public courses from the partner in web As a School Manager I

LMS release 5.2.3

Epic [LMS-55] – Messaging (Done) [LMS-66] – Register School (Done) [LMS-244] – CRM v3 (Done) [LMS-357] – Finances v4 (Done) [LMS-515] – LMS Improvements v2 (Done) [LMS-598] – Divisions v2