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Easily and quickly: LMS Release 5.2.1

Running own business can be tough from time to time. If you are your own boss, you should consider loads of things to keep your customers happy and don't burn

LMS Release 5.3.3

Release notes   Story [LMS-848] – As a student I wan to reset my password from mobile (via email) [LMS-852] – As a School Manager I want to somehow see

LMS Release 5.3.2

Release notes Story [LMS-871] – As a School Manager I want to enable School level Checkin from LMS [LMS-873] – As a School Manager I want to checkin student via

LMS Release 5.3.1

Release notes Epic [LMS-573] – CRM v4 Story [LMS-785] – As a candidate I want to upload my photo via request form [LMS-812] – As a Student I want to

LMS Release 5.3.0

Release notes Story [LMS-784] – As CSR I want to export request as PDF [LMS-807] – As a Student I want to see all public courses from the partner in

LMS release 5.2.3

Epic [LMS-55] – Messaging (Done) [LMS-66] – Register School (Done) [LMS-244] – CRM v3 (Done) [LMS-357] – Finances v4 (Done) [LMS-515] – LMS Improvements v2 (Done) [LMS-598] – Divisions v2

LMS Release 5.2.2

Release notes Epic [LMS-58] – Document Management (Done) [LMS-251] – Certification (Done) Story [LMS-533] – As a Group manager I want to see ONLY my division info [LMS-676] – As

Online teaching and certification: LMS Releases 5.1.0-5.2.0

Why would you ever want to stream your lesson online? If you don't have an answer to this question, read this article to the end. Besides, explore what else you

Learn Chinese, chat with mates. New collection 5.2/5.3

Dear learning enthusiasts, we were so busy with developing Tutor app, that didn't have time to announce you all the changes ever since. Don't be surprised if you start learning

Notify and avoid surprises: Tutor LMS 4.3.2/3

Communicating information or an important message to students can be far from easy. And if you want to succeed in this, you should be able to tell them what and