Mailchimp Integration


Mailchimp is one of great tools which extends our CRM functionality.

With Mailchimp you can:

  • run email marketings
  • run surveys
  • design landing pages
  • collect leads.


  1. You will need to have Mailchimp account setup – create account here
  2. You will need to have Tutor Platform account – create account here.

How-to setup

In order to get Tutor Platform taking care of your meeting schedules you will need to link Mailchimps and Tutor Platform accounts.

  1. Navigate to Applications section
  2. Push activate
  3. Login with your Mailchimp account in
  4. Permit Mailchimp to authenticate with Tutor Platform.

How-to get Mailchimp working

  1. Create a contact in Tutor Platform > CRM
  2. Add labels to contact

After few seconds contacts data will appear in Mailchimp with Tags.

How-to deactivate

You can disconnect your Mailchimp and Tutor Platform accounts to reconnect with other account or disable Mailchimp functionality.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to Applications section
  2. Click on “Deactivate” button on Mailchimp integration.

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