Notes on Tutor Platform

For Students

Learn Chinese, chat with mates. New collection 5.2/5.3
| 1 October
Dear learning enthusiasts, we were so busy with developing Tutor app, that didn't have time to announce you all
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Running a startup event? Pretty popular these days
| 12 August

How is startup event different from any other? There are investors wondering in for great minds! Your goal as

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For Marketers

| 19 November
LiteE-commerce School Management Learning Management CRM Messaging Mobile App-----freeup to 30 studentsRegisterProE-commerce School Management Learning Management CRM Messaging MOBILE
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Exploring Sprachinstitut Berlin
| 6 August
When it comes to choosing between different language schools, decision making can be very difficult. Today’s market is packed
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For School Managers

Easily and quickly: LMS Release 5.2.1
| 12 November
Running own business can be tough from time to time. If you are your own boss, you should consider
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Manage Conferences Trainings Gatherings
| 5 August

Facebook, google forms, google sheets and emails. How would one alternatively organise events? The usual flow of conference or

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