LMS 3.4.2

We introduced basic enrolment tool – “Request Management”,  better user management, some updates to vocabulary trainer UI and other small changes.


  • Request Management


  • As a Student, I want some change (like animation), if I match the words correctly in puzzle
  • As an Admin, I want to merge users into single account by selecting which one to keep
  • As a Teacher, I want to be reminded to submit attendance the next day after lesson if not submitted
  • As a Manager, I want to update texts from admin UI in admin


  • Create user feedback-communication channel
  • Research tool to automate based on rules
  • Redesign login page
  • In puzzle exercise, align the word+translation centred
  • Round up the fees
  • Teacher notifies students when lesson is cancelled
  • Add a checkbox in expenses(cash/transfer) and а proper filter above
  • Salary calculation per calendar month
  • To rename Course to Coursebook (while creating a group)
  • Change Level to Interview Level in student details
  • Move school logo instead of tutor logo
  • Style and improve Request List
  • Add an option to reset current training state
  • Remake reminder messages
  • Some optimisations on Member page
  • Fix group issues and add some adjustments
  • Dashboard levels should be same as group list levels
  • Fix dashboard performance widgets
  • Fix level translations in mobile app
  • Style and fix expenses page
  • Unify email template layout


  • Often session expires when using admin due to deployment
  • When applying discount (maybe not only in that case) total amount becomes -0.00 and shows up as unpaid
  • Confirmation dialog doesn’t close when closing a group in a Groups.
  • Can’t add new student from a group error message appears
  • New created student can’t be found immediately
  • Linked teacher isn’t shown in a group list
  • Cannot open students list
  • There should not be confirmation email on registrations/logins via facebook
  • Lesson is canceled – Period ends
  • Pagination problem: number of groups in a page are less than it should be.
  • Teacher Dashboard is broken



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