LMS 3.4.3

In this release we have got notification center where one can define different notifications based on system events, first version of teacher salary in Finances, more flexible student fee calculation and basic school expense management. We started working on Spanish course and some more other changes which you can see below in the list.


  • Notification Center
  • Teacher Salary
  • Students fees calculation
  • Expense Management


  • As a manager I want to give an access to my corporate clients HR to see attendance
  • As a student I want to specify alternative email address when logged in via FB
  • As a student, I want to learn Spanish
  • As a Finance Manager I want to see late fees on dashboard
  • As a School Manager I wan to see student list with bad attendance on the dashboard


  • Setup Google Analytics for Mobile in apps
  • Manager wants to tick student’s pre-warned holidays
  • Send/show weekly attendance/performance info to school managers
  • Redo colors for puzzle ex.
  • Redesign multiple choice’s options by translation, word
  • For “type word by*” ex., please show the input in slots
  • Redo some colors
  • Remake test result, portion end and portion start screens
  • Catch errors and show nicer screen instead of blank page
  • For type ex.-es, omit words long words
  • Integrate bugsnag into web app
  • Cleanup sails logs to have only meaningful
  • Remake onboarding screen


  • App does not start after I left exam incomplete
  • For “mixed letters” ex., shuffle doesn’t work for short words properly
  • Teacher report doesn’t work correctly
  • In drag-drop ex., options come in the correct order
  • App is crashing very often
  • In reminders tokens do not work properly
  • There is a length limit on translations
  • App asks to download new version for latest version

Hope you like how we are progressing, if no – please give us your feedback via email, live chat or directly.



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