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Most language schools provide B2B services (to corporate clients). In this sense, school managers are supposed to send attendance and/or financial reports to HR managers of the company. We have created a new role of HR manager to ease this process. From now on they can see all the data associated with the company’s groups.

The school manager creates this new role by adding a new member and choosing the role as an HR Group Manager. This feature will help schools save time and resources.

The management of learner groups is one of the key aspects common in language schools. We are creating a new role of Group Manager: with this, you can create groups, add students from your database or add new ones, connect/disconnect to a teacher, manage attendance marking, contact students and more.

The school manager can create this new role by adding a new member and choosing the role as a Group Manager.

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It is sometimes difficult to follow up your students’ attendance. That’s why we’ve developed a new feature which enables you to set a holiday period for a given student. Teacher and school managers just need to add student’s vacation in the attendance sheet or in the student base. Student’s fee calculation is paused for that period.

Mark a vacation

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