Smart resource management: Tutor LMS 4.3.0

From now on, schools can facilitate their venue and teacher capacity in a better way. Let’s see how.

Set a venue for a group

As a school or group manager you can now announce where the class will take place. For this, create a venue in School Venue indicating a minimum and maximum number of students it can accommodate. Then, set this venue to a group. This will help others from using the same venue for their classes. By assigning a venue-place to a group, you facilitate the group management in a better way. And help to avoid overlaps with the same venue and schedule.

Match a venue to a group

Another way to optimise the group management is to pick up a venue which best matches to the group. Let’s say you have a group of 6 students and should pick up a room for their class. If you assign a 4-student-capacity venue to a group, you’ll get a message telling you that you can have two more students in the group. So, pertaining this information will prevent you from having overloaded or underloaded classrooms.

Please note, that venue information is also visible on the timetable. You as a manager can easily filter classes by their location.

Back up a lesson with schedules

In the school, the most important player is the teacher. That’s why you as a school manager should be able to manage this “resource” quite proficiently. In this sense, it is necessary that you are aware of your teachers’ availability and can arrange their schedule. How you do it? When creating a teacher profile in School Member, add also a schedule. In this way, you will be quite flexible in assigning a teacher to this or that group. This will effectively back up a lesson and prevent a possible cancelation of it.

This was pretty much everything we managed to do last week. If you want to find out more, look at Work in details below.

Work in Details


  • Venue resource management
  • Teacher resource management


  • As a Group Manager and School Manager I want to see each student’s individual profile
  • As a CRM manager I want to set personality grade on contact
  • As a Group Manager I want to download report as CSV from group details page
  • As aGroup Manager andSchool Manager I want to see all my teachers availability in one list


  • Show partner logo when accessing registration form
  • Move pages under ACL
  • In the Request form add function to be able to upload any background photo
  • Teachers should see only their schedule in timetable
  • For Non- language courses hide language specific reports from group details page
  • For Non-language courses hide language specific icons from group details page
  • Hide analytics from teachers
  • Sort groups by last message date
  • Show notification icon on iOS and android when there is a message
  • When creating Group, link course End date calculation with lesson counts and schedule
  • Rethink and redesign the logic of the calculation of the Course Period for Training centers
  • Add birthday field in the contacts
  • In the Group detail panel add field for Facebook link
  • New role: accountant
  • In student list show people who ever have been enrolled any course
  • Add DELETE button in other staff salary
  • As A Teacher close the Delete and Update buttons from the Dashboard recent groups_operations
  • If lesson is cancelled remove this event from the timetable
  • Remove auto label from event
  • For Group manager open “Latest absences”, “Open Payments”, “” in the dashboard
  • Add note on the Group participant in the edit button


  • Contact info does not update when changing student details
  • Messaging is broken when looking as admin
  • Fix CRM analytics page
  • In financial analytics Financial Turnover Profit is not calculated properly
  • Please fix the problem with +4 Yerevan time zone in the Timetable
  • Group list is broken in some cases
  • As a Group-hr-manager I don’t see the groups
  • Student-in-the-group and user data don’t match


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