Online teaching and certification: LMS Releases 5.1.0-5.2.0

Why would you ever want to stream your lesson online? If you don’t have an answer to this question, read this article to the end. Besides, explore what else you can do in a better and new way starting from this week.

  • become an online teacher on Tutor Virtual Classroom
  • understand students’ performance through analytics
  • certify students with your own school’s certifications
  • send and receive documents
  • manage finances in a better way

Broadcast your lesson online

In my previous article, I was telling you about advantages you can gain by online teaching. In short, you just must have an online presence to some extent. Why? Because

  • you can reach out more students from abroad
  • you can earn more by charging at international rates
  • you can work flexibly from where and when you want

Taking this into consideration, we’ve enabled online teaching on Tutor LMS. Since recently, we integrated Liveboard, a collaborative whiteboard app, to Tutor LMS. This means, you, as a teacher, can broadcast lessons for your groups.

Here is what you can do in the virtual classroom:

  • on an interactive whiteboard you can write and explain the lesson
  • draw some picturesque instructions
  • upload images and flash cards
  • chat with your students
  • answer their questions at real time

Analytics helps you understand

Last week, we finalised learning analytics. What does this mean for you? You as a teacher can see your groups’ progress based on different criteria. For example, you can find out

  • how your students perform both within a group and in all your groups overall
  • what the average grades are both within a group and in all your groups overall
  • how well students attend your classes both within a group and in all your groups overall

Again, you can ask what all these data can give you. Well, knowing that, for ex., your Intensive English class is not that well attended you will start asking yourself some questions.

Why do my classes have low attendance?

  • Maybe its content is not relevant to that particular group?
  • Maybe some students have difficulties understanding grammar topics I discuss at class?
  • Maybe I am missing some interactive activities to keep my students attention?
  • Maybe they want some socialising and strengthening their communication skills whereas I go too deep into grammar?

With all this information in your hand, you can target above mentioned questions and address them correspondingly. Remember, analytic data are not a solution for you, but a key to go the solution.

Be your own boss

Here at Tutor, we work hard to make your teaching life easier. We all are for your convenience and adopt fair competition policy. What this means for you is the fact that we provide you with all necessary tools to run your learning business independently. This include

  • certificates
  • document management
  • finance management

For this reason, we’ve created a certification system. Here you can create, design and print certificates for all of your courses. After having a ready-to-go sample, just click on “Send” button, and all your students will receive their fresh-baked fancy certificates from your school. You already guess that the fact of providing certificates will grand your school with trust and special status.

Another important process which will let you work independently and avoid extra costs and services is the financial management in Tutor LMS. This week, we’ve added a payment method in request forms. Besides, we’ve reworked Transaction page for Student Fees.

You as a teacher will be relieved from another time-consuming task starting from this week: namely, sending and receiving documents to/from your students.  Here’s how this works:

  • Go to Learning
  • Select a Group
  • Find Documents in the menu tabs
  • Click on Create

And here you go. All your students from that group will receive the document. Similarly, they can send a document to their group-mates.

This was all we’ve got for you this week. Join our Teacher Club to stay up-to-date and connect with other teachers.


Little improvements we’ve done here and there.

  • We’ve improved how the Timetable looks like
  • We’ve create notification icon in LMS to show you latest blog articles and news
  • We’ve add Position field in Requests/Request form/Contacts

Work in Details


  • [LMS-216] – CRM v2 (Done)
  • [LMS-14] – As a user I want to ask questions to the LMS bot (Done)
  • [LMS-56] – Student Progress Monitoring v2 (Done)
  • [LMS-541] – Student List v2


  • [LMS-128] – As teacher I want to upload document available for the group members
  • [LMS-129] – As a student I want to see and download list of documents attached to my group in mobile app
  • [LMS-153] – Create 1st step registration form for all the courses
  • [LMS-258] – As a Manager I want to download certificates from the course


  • [LMS-517] – Integrate with liveboard
  • [LMS-523] – Improve timetable UI
  • [LMS-574] – Finalise style to apply to all components
  • [LMS-648] – Remove +374 required restriction from Request Form
  • [LMS-653] – Rework Finance > Student Fee > Transactions page
  • [LMS-673] – Collect and show Attendance, Performance, Test Average & Total per Division, Teacher, Course, Group
  • [LMS-679] – Read courses from course list instead of Course Finder
  • [LMS-682] – Sort requests by create date desc (latest first)
  • [LMS-686] – Show liveboard student link on student
  • [LMS-695] – Wrong time is generated in BDG notification
  • [LMS-403] – Add field (special note field) in the student profile
  • [LMS-689] – Finalise learning analytics
  • [LMS-699] – Add per student analytics to global Learning Analytics
  • [LMS-438] – Collect and show request history
  • [LMS-522] – Create “Send Certificate” function to send to all students via e-mail (PDF)
  • [LMS-697] – Create notification icon in LMS to show latest blog articles
  • [LMS-698] – Add new “Virtual Classroom” section in LMS
  • [LMS-703] – Add filter by company in requests
  • [LMS-711] – Enable JWT auth support for CF users
  • [LMS-713] – Prepare API to add/sync courses from CF
  • [LMS-715] – Assign Group Manager to the group
  • [LMS-717] – Clean Roles
  • [LMS-720] – Set Company from Request form to Request and Contact (if empty)
  • [LMS-721] – Change columns in Fees and Add discount column visible
  • [LMS-722] – Show stoped students in Finances
  • [LMS-728] – Make course title block a bit bigger so it can fit bigger titles (let just title consume entire line
  • [LMS-736] – liveboard-i linkery neto en
  • [LMS-741] – Verevi scheduley redesign
  • [LMS-742] – Heraxosi depqum koxqi menu bacox pakox dzaxa gnum
  • [LMS-752] – Work with BDG requirements from 06.08.19
  • [LMS-755] – Print report of students fees should include all values of Paid Amount Coloumn
  • [LMS-758] – Add Payment method in Request/Order
  • [LMS-759] – Add Position field in Requests/Request form/Contacts


  • [LMS-323] – Create template in notification centre to send email when user is created
  • [LMS-666] – Add link to mobile if exist


  • [LMS-540] – HR should see only his students
  • [LMS-544] – “Currently in group” filter doesn’t work
  • [LMS-640] – Logout shows oops before going to login screen
  • [LMS-656] – Cannot destructure property `lastTrainingDateByCourse` of ‘undefined’ or ‘null’.
  • [LMS-657] – notification_handle-timetable-change
  • [LMS-658] – group-teacher_handle-user-change
  • [LMS-659] – partner-student_handle-student-change
  • [LMS-660] – crm_handle-student-change
  • [LMS-663] – crm_handle-contact-change
  • [LMS-670] – Requests created in CRM are received to LMS with misleading data
  • [LMS-693] – Clicking on teacher name in teacher salary gives 404
  • [LMS-678] – Student’s discount is’t visible in his/her contact’s profile
  • [LMS-700] – There is no Liveboard button after adding a teacher
  • [LMS-704] – SyntaxError: Block-scoped declarations (let, const, function, class) not yet supported outside strict mode
  • [LMS-706] – Contactayin infon koruma Request-Contact-Request-edit-note
  • [LMS-718] – Translations do not work
  • [LMS-723] – Balance is not calculated in Expenses when date is selected
  • [LMS-716] – Fix role filter in partner member page
  • [LMS-719] – Errors show up on automatically created groups
  • [LMS-748] – Request data is incorrect from CF
  • [LMS-749] – Edit button in Request’s More isn’t active
  • [LMS-751] – After submitting form “SMT goes wrong”
  • [LMS-766] – Can’t add to the group from the request list

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