LMS Release 5.4.0

Release notes


  •  As a * I want to add notes on students
  •  As a School Manager I want to enable/disable course
  •  As a School Manager I want to set start/end date on course
  •  As an SM, GM, CSR, Student, I want to get a notification when a student is stopped/ restored


  • Notify Group Manager about the change of Request’s status
  • Activate Export function in Requests
  • Add filter by Age, … to student list
  • Cleanup finance section events
  • Cleanup CRM events
  • Make Partner config available for partner Managers
  • Merge Partner Settings dialog with Settings page
  • Rework Analytics to get rid of Cronjobs
  • Edit notes on student and upload files on/in it
  • Improve download process of essays
  • Make student names visible when taking a test
  • Move subject field from course create to course edit and make it optional
  • In attendance show Student names instead of User names (also middle name if exists) (rework)
  • Show student’s full name in attendance list
  • Proxy request to LMS blog news via backend
  • Implement proper health check for trainer admin backend


  •  Student photos are not visible in some groups
  •  One cannot have capital letters in name when signing up for placement test
  •  Groups are not visible in timetable
  •  Forbidden is shown when logging in platform
  •  Clicking on student name in group attendance page does not point to student
  •  Fix notification menu style


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