LMS Release 5.4.1

Release notes



  • Disable Finance section for COAF
  • When generating QR take domain from partner settings
  • News section fix (checkboxes for writer & log details)
  • Fix contact list style
  • Show Learning Analytics attendance in percentage
  • Add translatable description tooltips to school/group/course settings


  • TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fullName’ of null at eventList.map.item
  • Minor issues on LMS
  •  The “community” filter in the students’ section has only 4 communities
  •  Teacher doesn’t see the groups they create
  • In attendance more than necessary days show up
  • Student phone numbers are duplicate and do not match with contact
  • Teacher cannot see attendance cells in COAF course
  • Cannot update student start date for COAF group (big group)
  • No image and enrolled groups are visible in student profile


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