LMS Release 5.5.0

Release notes


  • As a CSR I want to filter requests on Request Board
  • As a CRM manager I want to send notification/announcement for the special filtered group of people in Requests


  • Make those tokens translatable and update translations
  • Activate Import Function in Requests
  • Task management v1
  • Duplicate Test Takers contact info to Request and Contacts for AUA
  • Add global loading indicator to all operations
  • Create a test template
  • Update Group->Tests interface
  • Create Request’s configuration as we have for contacts and students
  • Check validation process when creating/submitting a request
  • Create an option for merging duplicate contacts
  • Disable OK button after 1 click
  • Automate test Request Forms
  • Upgrade ant design


  • Re-create student with contact data
  • Perform testing on IEs
  • Group is not visible in/on timetable


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