LMS Release 5.5.2


  • Open registration for schools
  • Attendance Improvements v4
  • School News
  • Enterprise Plan v1
  • Check-In/Out
  • LMS improvements v3


  • Collect attendance performance with event
  • Student’s final report cards for IAB
  • Add auto label “Course Finder” when request is submitted from Course Finders
  • Set a rate for 1 absence (in group settings)
  • Prevent sending delayed notifications
  • Implement API to create schools (for CF)
  • Push schedules to Course Finder
  • Create a field “from Course Finder” in CRM when request is made from CF
  • Make request status a little more big, and change tag text colors
  • Show assignee on task management “ticket” as we have in Jira (round icon with initial)
  • Make an opportunity to have multiple choice in dropdown
  • Add option to mark placement test as default (AUA case)
  • Add Web Page as a Source type


  • Attendance in app does not show up
  • Allow to select test date in request manually
  • Lesson reminders are not being canceled
  • Unable to remove a label on Request
  • Audio does not stop when section time is over
  • 115 duplicate requests are created for AUA


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