LMS Release 5.5.5

# March 9 – 27 / 2020

Utility adjustments and fixes, small issues here and there.
Tried to address performance issues.


  • Option to embed request forms into dialog boxes
  • Open CRM contact config for clients to edit/add something
  • Synchronise date from external UMS when user submitted application for the course
  • Improved Label management
  • Create Check-in list similar to Attendance list we have under School with filters
  • Timetable is working very slow (refactor)
  • Typing in the notes section is slow
  • Adjust association of communities and active groups in the student config
  • Attendance analytics by group is not generating
  • Add “community”, “parent’s phone” to the students main profile
  • Add option to enable disable “Zoom” from “virtual classroom” section in LMS
  • Generate links when VC is enabled on group settings and group is created/modified
  • Review Liveboard (virtual classroom) reminder
  • Adjust First/Last name filter on Test Result
  • Improve registration page https://app.tutor-platform.com/register


  • Filter is being updated after refresh
  • Lesson cancelation results to the Period cancelation on COAF
  • Make Register button inactive once user submit AUA PT
  • Not possible to delete/upload an image

More performance improvements in upcoming release 5.6.0.

Stay tuned!


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