LMS-nice to meet you!

Hi there!  It is a big honor for me to present you our LMS . In this post, I’ll tell you about the product’s mission, main features, and future expectations. Let’s start it!

According to Oxford Dictionaries mission is  “a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling”.  Our product mission is👆 : “Become a tool which will give an opportunity to school managers and teachers to save time and resources for creative and mental work”.

Main features that are developed to save time and enjoy the process of class routine are the following:

  • Group creation –  you can give a name to your group, link to a teacher, schedule lessons during the academic month, fix students’ fee or group’s price, students from the base or create new ones etc.
  • Attendance marking – with the opportunity to add notes on students, mention vacations, trial lessons, and excused absences.
  • Create members and give them roles – when creating members, you can give them roles and limit their access. For example, school manager have unlimited access, group managers have access only with  Group and Student sections, teachers have access to the Groups and their Finances (salary)
  • Import or create Student base – create your own students’ base with the necessary data which is a good chance to have/to see the statistics whenever you need by using different filters or labels.
  • Requests section – students’ requests which are sent from Course.am are shown here, you can use their data to contact them and invite for a trial lesson or a test, also you can create your own student’s request in this section in order to add them in a group automatically
  • Finances –  most required section for school managers where they can see students’ fees, teachers’ salaries and other incomes/expenses calculated AUTOMATICALLY

These are the basic features, new required and practical features are in the process of development. I’ll let you know when a new one is released.

If you have any questions about our LMS or interested in it, feel free to contact me via e-mail: lusine.mirumyan@fouraitch.com or give me a call: +374 060 380 360


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