LMS 3.1.0

As told earlier we split streams into two: Learning Management System and Education specific features (which we have to come up with the name still).


  • Group Management v2
  • Tutor Platform Reports
  • Finances v2
  • Student Attendance Info
  • Hourly Pricing Model
  • Student Progress Monitoring


  • As a Finance Manager I want to see late payments on the dashboard
  • As a group manager I want to book user into a group filtered by
  • As a teacher I want to have my schedule as a calendar “feed” to add to my mobile or not mobile calendar app
  • As a teacher I want to see attendance info in group details page
  • As a teacher I want to reply and delete a message (admin)


  • Rework timetable UI/UX
  • Add a dropdown filter (Unpaid, paid ) in salaries
  • Edit/Delete manual recorded data in fees
  • Add start and end dates to teacher salaries
  • Split group settings into details, payment, fee
  • Make stop button to work from specific date and overwrite provided attendances
  • Remake update function for fees and salaries (improvements)
  • Rework dashboard performance numbers
  • Have an option to switch attendance sheet from vertical to horizontal
  • Add lesson duration when creating a group
  • Add a Category or Label on expenses
  • Redirect Member’s creation form from Partner->All member
  • Give access to Group Manager to see Teacher name in Groups list
  • Rename Expenses to “Incomes and Expenses”
  • Add # of students in Groups’ lists
  • Add a date when stopping a student, it can also be a past date
  • Have an option on group to specify teacher payment model (salary calculation model)
  • Make details page responsive and usable for mobile phones
  • Make Fixed Price per lesson/per hour
  • Add teacher name in Fee’s
  • Make 1st rows sticky (freeze) in each section of Finances
  • Redo group info section in group details page
  • Number of lessons can stay unchangeable after canceling a lesson
  • Rework students list block
  • Redo teacher report
  • Add school daily performance metrics overtime chart to school analytics page
  • Add student drop-out over time chart per month to the school analytics
  • Add student daily/weekly/monthly attendance overtime chart to school analytics
  • Add teacher performance monitoring to school analytics page
  • Let an event be created automatically according to the group schedule
  • Rename “General” to “Marketing” and point to school page in course finder
  • Have Statistics page visible to schools
  • Create a new section in sidebar menu for teachers: Messaging
  • Rework statistics widgets and page
  • Style web app
  • Move event handlers to GCF
  • Refine Analytics page style


  • Can’t remove record from expenses using REMOVE button
  • Notification isn’t sent when lesson is cancelled for the current date
  • When adding student for the first time it tells that student is not found
  • Recover delete button in LMS
  • Internal error appears when sending a confirmation from “Students”
  • Clean group salary data
  • One can cancel the lesson even if there is an attendance
  • On the dashboard performance pie chart numbers are rendering on top of each other


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